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The Solution Just Found You!

What Solution?

  • Run your pool all day for FREE! Yes! Utility Bill FREE!!
  • A healthier and sustainable way to care for your swimming pool water!!
  • World’s most energy-efficient & awarded pool pump in the industry!!
  • 100% Sun powered and even works on cloudy days!!
  • Available Federal Tax Rebate!!
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SunRay Solar Powered Pool Pumps

Solar Direct/ No Controller Needed

1HP SunRay Solar Pool Pump: $1699
After Tax Credit: $1189

* Variable Speed by the Sun!
* Good for Pools Under 40 Feet Long

Order Online

Complete Package Kit: $3,899
After Tax Credits: $2,729

Solar Pump, 2 Solar Panels & Brackets, Breaker Switch,
Cables, Hybrid AC/DC Pump Valves, Sweep Elbows
* Easy Few Hour Install - DIY

  • Solar panels will power our pool pump for the next 30+ years!
  • We have customers running our solar pool pumps for 15+ years!
  • 2-Year Warranty!
  • SunRay Pumps provide max water flow rates and pool circulation FREE throughout the day!
  • Great for salt pools and all water environments!
  • SunRay solar pool pumps install and are plumbed exactly like your existing AC pool pump!
  • With just a 8ft x 8ft space in the sun, you can generate all the power your pool needs forever!
  • Already have home solar?
    Zero out your utility bill with a solar pool pump!

More Available Online!
1/2HP, 2HP, 3.5HP, Hybrid 24/7 Pump & Heaters

1HP SunRay Solar Pump Package Kit: $3,899
After Tax Credits: $2,729

2 Solar Panels








SunRay Solar Pump

Sweep Elbows


Check Valves




Swimming Pool Off-the-Grid
Easy As 1,2,3,4,5!


Each Solar Panel
90” x 45” inches
2 PV 7.5ft x 7.5ft

Lay out the solar panels on your property.
Wire the solar panels together in series.

Red wire 1 to 2
BLK wire 3 to 4 #
Wire in the breaker switch
Wire up the DC pump motor from the switch.
Solar Pump Only
Hybrid AC/DC
Plumb in the DC pool pump by itself or has a hybrid install.


We sell easy do-it-yourself (DIY) complete DC solar-powered pool pump kits that take your pool Off-the-Grid. Our solar filter pumps completely care for your pool water and operate FREE from the Sun!

Your current AC pool pump powered by the utility company not only costs you a fortune (variable speed or not) but also allows for unsafe bacterial growth in your water due to slow variable speed pumping during the heat of the day.

However, with our SunRay Solar Powered Pool Pump, you can rest easy knowing your pump, powered by the Sun, is pumping its hardest at that critical time and throughout the entire day.

So let us harness the Sun’s energy to circulate and filter your swimming pool water for FREE! Owner/Operator (Michael Evingham) has over 35 years of pool industry experience with multiple solar pump awards; he has the answers to all your questions.

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Love Your Pool!

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1/2HP Solar Pool Pump
40v Motor 1 PV Solar Panels
Above Ground Pool
Starting at $1499
Complete Kit $2699

After tax credit $1889


1/2HP Solar Pool Pump
40v Motor 1 PV Solar Panels
Small In or Above Ground Pools
Starting at $1499
Complete Kit $2699

After tax credit $1889


1HP Solar Pool Pump
80v Motor 2 PV Solar Panels
All Pools 40ft long or less
Pump Only $1699
Complete Kit $3899
After Tax Credit: $2729
90% of all pool in the USA


1.5HP Solar Pool Pump
120v Motor 3 PV Solar Panels
All Pools 40ft - w/ added flow
Starting at $1799
Complete Kit $4499

After tax credit $3107


2HP Solar Pool Pump
160v Motor 4 PV Solar Panels
All Pools w/ PSI & Flow needs
Starting at $1899
Complete Kit $4699

After tax credit $3289


3.5HP Solar Pool Pump
240v Motor 6 PV Solar Panels
XL Pools 50k+ Gal w/ High PSI
Starting at $2899
Complete Kit $5999

After tax credit $4199