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2. GREAT for YOU and our PLANET!

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SunRay Solar Powered Pool Pumps

Pools Off the Grid since 2006

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Most customers buy our 1HP Complete Kit
After 30% Tax Credit $2729 +Free shipping

Our Customers experience an average of
$28,000 Increased Home Property Value!

That's an 1000% Return On Investment!

Today's The Day!

2 Year Return On Investment!

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We help families become sustainable pool owners.

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We understand what it takes to run your swimming pool and pay the bills.

We also know what it feels like to be sustainable and off the grid. Join us!

Natural Current - Solar Pump Sales Pitch
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Customer Review - CA
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Solar Above Ground Pool
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SunRay Solar Pool Pumps
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Our future matters!

Buy a Solar Pool Pump.

Why buy a SunRay
Solar Pool Pump?

SunRay Solar Pump PAYS FOR ITSELF… and then PAYS YOU to own it!

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), your home value increases by $20 for every $1 you save on energy bills.

At Natural Current, we understand the needs of pool owners and the importance of providing water quality with solutions that meet their demands for energy efficiency and sustainability. That's why we've developed the SunRay Solar Hybrid Swimming Pool Pump.

Our system prioritizes energy independence, true sustainability, and high RPM water flow maintaining strong water circulation and filtration safety. It is a zero-utility energy-based solution and exceeds all new laws and regulations, making it the only variable speed by the Sun sustainable option. If night operation is necessary, the SunRay hybrid AC power option is always available.

By switching to SunRay Solar Hybrid Systems, you can save money and enjoy safer, cleaner water. Embrace sustainable pool water pumping and take control of your energy usage today!

30% Federal Tax Credit
Credit on purchase & install
Increase home value by 4%
Property value increases by a 20:1 ratio on energy savings
Fast and easy installation
Off-the-Grid filter pumping
Offset 60 miles of charging cost per day
Variable Speed by the Sun
Max GPM when pool needs it the most
Annual energy savings $1400+
Less chemical cost annual: $100
No permits required or necessary
All water environments & salt pools
Runs great in the clouds
Reduce carbon footprint
3 Year Limited Warranty
Lifetime Sustainability

Reduced chemical usage
Stronger water circulation
Prevents calcium buildup
Improved pool cleaner performance
Clearer water due to better skimming suction
Less algae growth

- SunRay solar pool pumps installs like a standard pool pump or in parallel with an existing pump for hybrid day and night operation.

- Solar panels can be installed in various locations other than the roof, such as above pool equipment, on a shed, deck, gazebo, or hillside. Panels are wired in series and must be securely mounted with provided brackets or a specific solar racking system.
Solar panels needed for SunRay 1/2HP (1 550w or 2 370w panels), SunRay 1HP (2 550w or 3 370w panels), SunRay 2HP (4 550w or 5 370w panels) and SunRay 3.5HP (6 550w or 7 370w panels).

- SunRay pumps meet/exceed new pool pump laws. They use no energy from the grid, Title 20, APSP-15 & July 2021 DOE motor regulations.

- If you already have solar panels on your roof, SunRay solar pool pump system can help you reduce your electric bill and remove a major power load, such as an air conditioning unit.

1. Order the recommended American Made SunRay Solar Pump System
2. Simple do it yourself (DIY) installation process for many customers after delivery
3. Install Solar Pump like current pump or in parallel with existing pump for Hybrid Day/Night System
4. Solar Panel Installation: various locations including above pool equipment, shed, deck, gazebo, hillside
5. Panels wired in series, must be securely mounted with provided brackets or specific solar racking system

Assistance available for any questions or local installer needs
Hire an installer through Google, recommend having panels/pump available during quoting process for accurate quote

- Energy utility companies increasing your rate? These increases will only become more frequent.

- Water company letter about decreasing usage? Power plants use 10x pool's water to generate power for AC pumps annually.

- Climate Change is affecting all of us, with heatwaves, cold fronts, and aggressive storms. Our way of live is changing.

SunRay Solar Powered Pool Pump Systems are packed with the latest in solar and motor technologies and specifically designed for the Residential and Commercial Pool markets. Our solar pumps are ideal for any size body of water including Pools, Spas, Fountains and Water Features. With more than 16 years of research and development behind our solar products, you can count on high performance American Engineered pump systems that are built to last and provide unprecedented energy savings. So much in fact, that it literally pays you to own a SunRay Solar Powered Pool Pump System.

Natural Current – SunRay - Take Your Pool and Pond Pump OFF THE GRID!

Introducing – SunRay Solar-Powered Pool Pump Systems from Natural Current

At Natural Current, we know pools. Our founder Michael grew up in the pool business, with hands-on learning from his uncle and brother. Today, based on their passion for the business, we have over the last decade introduced all-new concepts that emphasize eco-friendly energy and accessible innovations.

By replacing traditional AC utility grid motorized pool pumps, our solar-powered pool pump systems represent progress in every conceivable manner. By installing one, you cut your pool pump energy bill down to zero. During the day, you tap into the all-natural circulatory advantage of the sun, while avoiding the absurd utility-billed AC variable speed pool pumps that have become so common. Instead of just catching up with the bacteria that grew during the day, you can stop wasting energy, stop wasting chemicals, and stop turning your pool into a hazard.

SunRay Solar-powered pool pump systems from Natural Current also make practically zero noise, require no batteries, and emit no pollutants. These are dependable pump devices, capable of lasting a decade with minor upkeep through parts available at any pool supplier as well as online. They are made in the USA, they are easy to install (can you say DIY?), and they are easy to maintain. The first in a series of solar-powered advances that includes heaters, lights, sanitation devices, cleaners, and AI/IoT systems, our pool pumps take the stress out of pool ownership once and for all.

Solar through Natural Current

Through our solar-powered pool pumps, you are then tapping into nature’s energy to keep your pool pump functional and your pool glistening like crystal.

There are even federal tax credits available to those who use our SunRay solar-powered pool pumps. You can feel great about what you are doing, knowing that you have chosen to break out from the status quo and stand up for a smarter, more environmentally conscious pool-owner lifestyle. This is a cost-saving method with an incredible ROI, saving you money the very first day, getting all your investment back within two years or less.

Just look at Jen and Brad one of our customers in LA!

Living in SoCal, they use their pool every day of the year. It's one of the reasons they know they will never move anywhere else. Yet, the energy bill had become a point of stress for them. Every month, like clockwork, they were paying $200 for that pool pump – which seemed (and is) excessive. When they realized all of the things they could do with $2,400 in a year, they went looking for something better.

Jen and Brad were sick and tired of everything they knew was wrong with their traditional pool pump. So, they came to us. We showed them a better way, freeing them from the years of frustration that their AC variable-speed pool pump had caused. Thanks to Natural Current, they are now enjoying the full circulation advantages of solar power. Ever since then, they have saved that money on their monthly energy bill – and as a bonus, their pool is more relaxing than ever, quiet as their backyard has become! Their pool is also cleaner, it's safer, and it's more modern, everything they ever wanted. Every day of the year, they use their pool, with a thermal solar water heater on their roof. They are, in turn, pumping, filtering, and heating their pool water – all for free. It's been a real game-changer for them. This will be your experience too. It's revolutionary!

Do the Right Thing – and Use Your Common Sense

Eliminate waste. Reduce emissions. Use the reliable free Sun to power for pool filter pump which is just common sense. That is what we are offering you here: it's an opportunity for you to position yourself as a sensible-minded person, as a bold and courageous pool owner, willing to step outside the swimming pool industry's misleading norm and try something superior and modern.

Are you ready to do that?

Are you ready to save money?

Are you ready to feel good about the water in which you and your family are swimming?

Natural Current – SunRay - Take Your Pool and Pond Pump OFF THE GRID!

Let's start that process now! Use this website or give us a call at 949-636-4358 - Thank you!

how it works

Starting with the Suns Ray, the Photo Voltaic Panels absorb these rays from sunrise to sunset. During this 12-hour period, this energy is sent from the PV panels through the DC disconnect to the SunRay DC Controller. This controller processes the FREE solar energy and sends it to the SunRay DC Brushless motor filter pump. This SunRay DC motor is truly variable speed and works naturally in the same way the other variable speed pump work. Starting slowly in the morning, running a close to maximum GPM for 6 - 9 hours per day, and then slows down as the sun goes down.

The Sun is all you need to care for your pool water.

Solar Pool Pump Technology Layouts

Take a look at your Swimming Pool:

Use the POWER of the Sun to run your pool pump!

Building or Remodeling?

Install a SunRay Solar Powered Pool Filter Pump.

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More Reasons to buy a SunRay Solar Pool Pump:

SunRay Solar Pumps are in stock - ready to ship
Pre wired & tested before packing
Ready to install out of the box!
Warranty in the United States
DC GFCI (Disconnect with built in lightning arrestor)
Tested and certified by the F.S.E.C.
SunRay Pumps are designed and manufactured in Dana Point, California USA
Made in America

Healthy, Safe and Clean Water!

Pump Pool Solar System
Additional Equipment
Handyman or Electritian
Shipping Cost

26% Tax Credit Ends in 2021

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